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What is BrandCycle?

BrandCycle is a premium affiliate marketing network that connects retail brands with lifestyle bloggers, content creators and social media influencers. BrandCycle has developed exclusive technology that lets publishers promote multiple brands under one platform and earn a commission on purchases made via their promotional offerings.
In simple terms, BrandCycle allows an everyday influencer/publisher/affiliate to earn money by promoting multiple products from multiple brands with easy and convenient technology.
Please note: The terms Influencer, Publisher and Affiliate are all interchangeable in our exciting world of marketing!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing channel for brands to reach a wider audience via online sales. Brands developed a system to reward publishers with commission on purchases made via their online promotions. Becoming an affiliate offers the opportunity to monetize content and leverage online influence when posting on web, social and video platforms and apps.
In simple terms, you share things you love + your followers purchase those items = you earn money!
BrandCycle provides the brand relationships, tracking links, reporting, payments (and more!) to support you in your affiliate marketing efforts.

How does BrandCycle work?

BrandCycle has developed technology that gives a publisher a single platform to access a network of hundreds of brands to promote. Previously, publishers that wanted to become an affiliate partner of a given brand had to apply to the brand’s marketing program one by one. We took the hard work out and developed a very simple and quick one step process! You can join today and start promoting tomorrow!

We provide all the exclusive content to build high performing cost-per-acquisition (CPA) campaigns to promote deals and offers. Publishers on BrandCycle work only with the retail brands they want and how often they would like. It’s free to join, and publishers make equal or greater commission working through BrandCycle compared to working directly with a brand or through other affiliate networks.

What Publishers are accepted into BrandCycle?

​​​BrandCycle works with publishers that have built a business on creating content and publishing content via social media, websites, blogs and/or video. Although our publishers are primarily aligned in the lifestyle market, we encourage a diversity of publishers to apply. Mom & family, wedding, style & beauty, home décor, health & wellness, travel, food & drink and eco-friendly publishers seem to be most aligned with our branding. An active social media footprint, blog, website and/or video channel is required to apply.

We do not work with coupon aggregator websites, apps, toolbars, cash-back and loyalty affiliates. We do not work with publishers that purposely expose brands with deals/codes that are not valid.
To be accepted, we will review your current content on your platform and evaluate whether it aligns with BrandCycle’s standards.

Is it free to join BrandCycle?

It’s free, it’s simple and there are never any hidden fees. What you see, is what you get!

Which brands does BrandCycle work with?

BrandCycle works with a wide range of brands. New brands are added all the time. Currently we work with more than 500 of the top brand affiliate programs, including Kate Spade, Macy’s, Old Navy, Wayfair, Coach, Carter’s and Nordstrom Rack.

How is BrandCycle supportive in building my online business?

BrandCycle wants you to succeed! That is why everything we do is to support you in your online business. We offer daily emails, weekly newsletters, a private Facebook group, paid influencer campaigns and an easy-to-use network, among other things!
In addition, BrandCycle works with brands to develop exclusive campaigns for publishers within the BrandCycle network. We are constantly sourcing new sales, promotions and exclusive offerings from brands for our publishers to promote. These promotions are sent via a daily email and weekly newsletter and allow you to plan out content to promote.

What makes BrandCycle different?

At BrandCycle we believe in transparency. We work on your behalf with everything that we do. We constantly negotiate higher commission rates, source the best daily deals and expand our technology to support you in making more affiliate income.
We also offer programs within our network that allow you to earn significant bonuses when you reach a certain threshold in your sales. We have built our business on supporting you. Fun fact, you can pick up the phone and talk to a person or send an email and it will be responded to by a real person!

Does BrandCycle have opportunities for customized campaigns?

Yes! We offer exclusive influencer campaigns to our BrandCycle network. The influencer campaigns allow you to reach a wider audience, sell more, and possibly earn a flat fee doing so! We constantly source our network for influencers to be part of upcoming campaigns.

Does BrandCycle offer any Exclusive Programs for high-performing Publishers?

Yes. Our Premium Publisher Program is offered to publishers that have reached a predetermined amount in earned commission within the previous sales quarter.
Benefits include:

  • A quarterly sales bonus
  • First consideration for paid influencer campaigns
  • Exclusive content and promotions you receive
  • A weekly dedicated exclusive newsletter
  • A dedicated account manager

I am not very tech savvy, is your technology hard to use?

It is not difficult to learn our technology and reporting system. If you ever need help, our tech support is always here to help along the way!

How does the technology work and where do I access it?

Once your application is accepted, you will be provided a log-in to the BrandCycle network. Once logged in, you have access to everything you need to get up and running today:

  • Reports that help you track your sales
  • Online link-building
  • Content to build online promos from various brands
  • The industry latest news
Our technology provides everything you need to run an online influencer business right at your fingertips!

Sound Good?

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